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Welcome to German-Kazakh University!

German-Kazakh University (GKU) is an international university in Almaty, whose quality of education is following German academic standards. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and German partner universities support GKU by introducing and adapting innovative German courses of study in Kazakhstan. By that GKU combines the variety of Kazakh and German educational elements in the heart of Almaty. GKU offers a high-quality education for students, who like to prepare themselves for a successful career in Economics, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Sciences and Social Sciences. The Kazakh economy experiences an acute shortage of specialists and employees with solid knowledge of foreign languages. GKU trains experts who not only propel the development of Kazakhstan, but are most promising at the international labour-market as well. German language is not compulsory for applicants. Languages of instruction are Russian and German in Bachelor programs and Russian and English in Master's programs. A Flying Faculty of about 20 lecturers and scholars from Germany are holding their lectures at German-Kazakh University every year.


Faculties and subjects

German-Kazakh University offers education in following faculties and courses of study:

Faculty of Engineering and Economics

  • Information Systems (Business informatics – BA, Telematics – BA)
  • Logistics (Transport logistics – BA)
  • Heat Power Engineering (Energy and environment engineering – BA)
  • Logistics (MA)

Faculty of Economics

  • Marketing (BA)
  • Finance (BA)
  • Management (Business Management – BA)
  • Management (International Business Management – MA)
  • Finance (MA)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

  • International Relations (BA)
  • Politics (BA)
  • Regional Studies (Europe/Central Asia – MA)

Second higher education

  • Marketing
  • Finance

Interdisciplinary Master's program

  • Integrated Water Resources Management (MA)

Career prospects

The graduates of the course are specialists trained according to European standards, and prepared for employment in executive positions in the field of water resources management. They are equipped with extensive interdisciplinary skills relating to Central Asia and have numerous career prospects in public administration (ministries, regional committees and municipalities in Central Asia). Furthermore, graduates will be able to work for state owned or private water suppliers, for national and international associations, NGOs and at universities. Moreover, the wide range of environmental protection and efficient resource management initiatives offers them multiple perspectives. New professional opportunities are developing in the field of political and project consulting at communal, regional and international levels.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the course of studies requires a Bachelor's degree, completed with honors in the Natural Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, or in Engineering. Graduates in Economics or Humanities with practical work experience in water resources management, environmental studies or water engineering are also eligible.

Procedures for Admission

Submitting an essay on the subject of “Water issues in Central Asia and possible solutions” (2 pages, font “Times New Roman”, font size 12) by July 5 TOEFL IBT certificate 60 or IELTS certificate 6.0 Foreign language test requested by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the language center of one of the state universities in Almaty in August.

The oral examination features the following topics to be chosen from:

  • “Water resources in your home country and aspects of their efficient use”
  • “Current issues of water use in Central Asia”
  • “Sustainable use of water resources in Central Asia or in your home country”
  • “The geography of water resources in Central Asia”
  • “Political and social aspects of water supply and use”

Second higher education

The faculty of Economics offers second higher education in Marketing and Finance. This bachelor diploma can be gained by people, who already graduated from an institution of higher education and would like to receive a second bachelor diploma in economics. The program lasts for 2 years and lessons are held in the evenings at GKU.

Scholarships of German Academic Exchange Service

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), in order to support the students of GKU assigns many scholarships every year. 

Scholarships for first-course students

  • Students with a high score in ENT (Kazakh A-levels) and excellent results in the GKU admission exam have the chance to receive a DAAD scholarship, that guarantees studying free of charge or with a discount (50% compensation) for the whole first year. They should apply for a scholarship again the following years.
  • Students who lived outside of Almaty before they started their studies at GKU can receive a compensation on their cost of living around 160 US-$.
  • Students who have “Deutsches Sprachdiplom” with excellence (sehr gut) receive a discount of 25% on tuition fee.

Scholarships for students

  • The German Embassy in Kazakhstan assigns 35 scholarships of 30 % of discount of tuition fee for students of GKU, who show excellent and good results every year.
  • German enterprises in Kazakhstan, like TOO Siemens, assign scholarships for GKU students, showing their interest in professionally trained experts.
  • Kazakh enterprises assign around 10 scholarships for our students, showing their interest in excellent educated professionals to become their employees.
  • Students, who continue their studies with excellent and good results, have the chance to receive scholarships also in the following years.

Tuition fee for the academic year of 2015/2016:

Bachelor programs: 795 000 KZT per year for first higher education, 750 000 KZT for 2 years in second higher education which comprises of 4 semesters (additional 1 semester for writing graduation thesis).

Master programs: 850 000 KZT per year.


German-Kazakh University

Pushkin Str. 111/113

KZ-050010 Almaty


Tel. (007-727) 355 05 51

Fax (007-727) 355 05 52


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